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  • A-Merry-Christmas-2022-Share-Alike-via-Wikimedia-Vintage_Christmas_illustration_digitally_enhanced_by_rawpixel-com-12-scaled

    Technology plus Vintage Art for a Merry Christmas 2022

    Using Technology to Add Old-Fashioned Ambience – Merry Christmas 2022 Enhance the senses and sensations for a Merry Christmas, 2022 style.  Little can beat the aromas of a Christmas dinner cooking, or the tastes of Christmas cookies – including your favorites – shared during a holiday celebration with loved ones. Kids playing add to the […]

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  • Thanksgiving Day Traditions

    Thanksgiving Day Traditions

    Happy Thanksgiving Day Traditions Thanksgiving Day traditions vary widely, I’m sure.  In preparation for this holiday post, I looked up a lot of them.  While they included many great traditions, some of which we practice in our home, a couple of my favorites were missing. First, the common traditions that we practice here are no […]

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  • Memorial Day 2022; Remember the Fallen

    In observance of Memorial Day 2022, we share the following from Wikipedia. Memorial Day (originally known as Decoration Day[1]) is a federal holiday in the United States for mourning the U.S. military personnel who have died while serving in the United States armed forces.[2] It is observed on the last Monday of May. It was formerly observed on May 30 from 1868 to […]

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  • Happy New Year 2022 Image to illustrate blog

    Happy New Year 2022 Goals

    Our goal, first and foremost, is to wish all of our visitors a Happy New Year 2022! Just as importantly, we share proven techniques to make your resolutions for a Happy New Year 2022 reality for you.  We share three steps to achieving your goals: SMART Goals, Zig Ziglar, and Becoming Your Best when you […]

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  • Happy-Thanksgiving-Thought-Experiment-Screenshot-2021-11-24-101513

    Happy Thanksgiving Thought Experiment

    Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving posts are usually about counting our blessings and giving thanks.  Steven Johnson compels us to consider this thought experiment:  If your daily newspaper were published once-in-a-century, and it came out today, what would the banner headline read? This is, indeed, something to be truly grateful for: Human life expectancy at birth […]

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  • Greater Milwaukee Anti-Spam Service

    Milwaukee Anti-Spam Service we recommend This site is a public service. We don’t get any fees for referrals on this Greater Milwaukee Anti-Spam Service. Mark Mullarky of Mullarky Business Systems provides an excellent, cost-effective anti-spam solution for companies and individuals. I’ve recommended Mark’s services to a dozen or so clients and every one of […]

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  • What the heck is Smishing?

    You may have heard the phrase phishing, where scammers try to get personal information from you through electronic means such as email. (we first posted about phishing back in 2004) Smishing is very similar, the method of delivery however is through your cell phone.  Spammers have started sending fraudulent cell phone text messages, trying to […]

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  • Phishing

    Computer users are being warned about a growing problem with e-mail messages that takes you to counterfeit Web sites. They are called phisher sites, and they look legitimate. So does the e-mail, which claims to come from a company you do business with and tells you to click on a link to go to the […]

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