Greater Milwaukee Anti-Spam Service

Milwaukee Anti-Spam Service we recommend This site is a public service. We don’t get any fees for referrals on this Greater Milwaukee Anti-Spam Service. Mark Mullarky of Mullarky Business Systems provides an excellent, cost-effective anti-spam solution for companies and individuals. I’ve recommended Mark’s services to a dozen or so clients and every one of […]

What the heck is Smishing?

You may have heard the phrase phishing, where scammers try to get personal information from you through electronic means such as email. (we first posted about phishing back in 2004) Smishing is very similar, the method of delivery however is through your cell phone.  Spammers have started sending fraudulent cell phone text messages, trying to […]


Computer users are being warned about a growing problem with e-mail messages that takes you to counterfeit Web sites. They are called phisher sites, and they look legitimate. So does the e-mail, which claims to come from a company you do business with and tells you to click on a link to go to the […]

Threat Advisory: CNN and MSNBC Spam

Dear Client, We’d like to provide you with an update on recent spam attacks. Our message security vendor has advised us on high volumes of bogus CNN and MSNBC messages that contain links to download malware. Spammers have copied the contents of CNN and MSNBC alerts and substituted a link that prompts users to upgrade […]

Internet Corporation Listings Service

We have received several calls about faxes sent from Internet Corporation Listings Service. The faxes appear to be an invoice for search engine listing services. These faxes are scams! The invoice format is designed to capture attention from the recipient, who in turn thinks they must submit payment for the service. The fine print on […]


New anti-spam program worth a try. Most anti-spam programs take the form of add-ons to your normal e-mail program or service. And most rely on filtering, the effort to guess, usually imperfectly, which e-mails you receive are spam and which are legitimate. But I’ve been testing an anti-spam system that takes a better approach. It’s […]

Challenge-Response review

“Completely rids your in-box of spam”? “Eliminate almost all junk e-mail messages”? Those sound like the kind of too-good-to-be-true claims you might expect to see in, say, a new piece of junk e-mail. But several Internet providers are making this pitch in all seriousness. They might even succeed, but not without forcing major changes in […]

Petition Wisconsin Legislature

Petition Wisconsin Legislature Lick A Stamp… Yes… actual paper letters! It takes a little more effort to print a letter and address an envelope. If you’re not sure of who your legislators are, check the Wisconsin State Legislature website look-up services: Who are my state legislators? The letter doesn’t have to be long: Two paragraphs […]

Petition U.S. Congress

Petition U.S. Congress The best way to communicate with your congressman is outlined by CAUCE, The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email. Please review

File FTC Consumer Complaint

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Bureau of Consumer Protection provides a form that specifically mentions unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam): “If you have a specific complaint about unsolicited commercial e-mail(spam), use the form below. You can forward spam directly to the Commission at without using the complaint form.” Visit the FTC home page at:

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